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Last year we raised over $500 for Code Purple, an organization that helps the homeless in Delaware through Operation Bottle Beanies.  We will start our second year this upcoming Fall.  Read more about this great project below:

Schnapps and I are very excited about our latest project, Operation Bottle Beanies!  This has been a dream for quite some time and now it's finally coming to fruition.  Fifer Orchards in Camden-Wyoming, Delaware is partnering with us in a brand new initiative to try to keep people warm this Winter. 

Sure, it's the end of June and temperatures are soaring.  But, before we know it, the cold weather will be back and so many people do not have the proper shelter or clothing to get through those chilly months.  We heard about The Big Knit in the UK - sponsored by Innocent Drinks a few years ago and the concept of Operation Bottle Beanie was born.  No one was willing to partner with me until I spoke to the great people at Fifer's! 

Operation Bottle Beanies is already underway! 

We are collecting tiny hats that will be placed on jars and bottles at Fifer's Farm Store in the Fall. From olive oil bottles up to quart size mason jars and all sizes in between! These hats will be sold for $1 each and 100% of that money will be donated to keep people in Delaware warm this winter.  Yes, it is just for Delaware right now, but Schnapps and I are dreaming big.......we hope that someday it reaches well beyond our tiny state.  

We need LOTS of tiny hats!  We need themed hats for Fall and Winter such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and more.  We need farm themed hats like bee hives, pumpkins, apples, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.  We need adorable hats of any theme or type!  Sizes vary since there are many different items sold in the store; apple butter, local honey,  jams, oils, pickles and so many other yummy things.  

This is a great way to use up that scrap yarn! All yarn types are welcome.  And it's a great summer knitting project, since these tiny beanies aren't too hot to hold on a sweltering day.  

Schnapps has been working on some bottle beanies too and we will try to put together some patterns for those who want them.  However, any type of hat pattern will work.  Wine bottle hat patterns would work or you can use slightly larger needles and a thicker yarn.  Preemie size hat patterns work for quart size jars and any regular hat pattern can be scaled smaller to fit. 

This is a way to use my knitting to make a difference in other ways as well.  I grew up in NYC and frequently saw homeless people with no place to go in the bad weather.  Sometimes I brought in extra blankets or clothes.  Frequently I stopped and got an extra coffee.  It seems to me that a country that has billions of dollars to give to to other countries should never have anyone without a safe place to live.  However, in reality, we have many.  I still struggle with the fact that I am just one person and I can't fix everything.  But, I am hoping that little by little, Schnapps and I will manage to make some positive differences in our community.  Please consider helping, even if you only have time to make one tiny bottle beanie.

Mom and I want to help everyone stay warm this Winter!

Hats can be sent directly to:

202 Acorn Forest Drive
Felton, DE 19943

Hats can also be dropped off at any of the library drop off sites for Delaware Head Huggers and Kozy Kovers for Kids.  The complete list of those may be found here. 
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